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PLEASE NOTE: Saint Austin's Press is not taking on any new publishing projects at this time.  However, we are happy to discuss your publishing project at any time. Please write to us using the contact form on the right side column.

Saint Austin's Press only accepts a few manuscripts at one time in order to provide personal and encouraging service to authors in need of technical help to move from manuscript to print and e-book. We are committed to providing personal, uncomplicated service to authors publishing for the first time, and for those who do not want to deal with larger publishers or expensive consultants.  

Best of all - with Saint Austin's Press you retain complete ownership of your manuscript and all royalties. Saint Austin's Press is paid on a fee-for-service basis.

Saint Austin's Press offers the following services:
  • Manuscript to print
  • Manuscript to Kindle
  • Bulk copies of paperback books at bulk pricing
  • Preview and single copies of paperback books
  • Cover design and other graphics needs.
  • Kindle and paperback publication on Amazon
  • Formatting
  • Editing
  • Fee-based publishing, where you keep the royalties
  • Special new customer $500 manuscript to Kindle and Paperback for authors who have ready-to-print manuscripts and covers (for more information, see below)
  • Coaching through the self-publishing process on a per fee basis
  • A publishing name for your self-published books
  • Audio versions of your book 

New customer $500 manuscript to Kindle and print special:

Saint Austin's Press will manage converting and uploading a print-ready manuscript to Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats, as well as provide access to bulk copies of paperback books at bulk pricing.  Note: this special does not include extensive cover design and editing. To qualify for the $500 special, your manuscript must be edited and generally ready to print in Windows doc format, with a properly formatted cover in pdf format. Minor editing is available for as low as $1 per page.  A simple cover design is available for a reduced fee when you take advantage of this package. This special does not include a stand alone ISBN. Amazon will provide their unique ASIN when published through them.  Once the book is ready to go to press, you will receive either a pdf copy, or a paperback copy of your book for your review.

What we do not provide:

Saint Austin's Press does not provide marketing or distribution channels, apart from Amazon distribution. We will not publish any works deemed by Saint Austin's Press to be pornographic or morally offensive.

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