Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Meaning and Symbols of Holy Eucharist

The Meaning and Symbols of Holy Eucharist is a guide to understanding worship in the Anglican tradition, particularly as practiced in Anglican churches in the United States, written by Father Van McCalister, an Anglican priest.

The Meaning and Symbols of Holy Eucharist is an introduction to the form of liturgical worship practiced by the Ancient Church, and still celebrated by the majority of Christians to this day: Holy Eucharist. This devotional guide provides instruction that reveals the sacred meaning behind the ancient words, symbols and gestures that accompany the form of worship practiced in Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox Churches.

From the Preface:

Much of my ministry has been spent on mentoring and preparing new-comers, confirmands, lay ministers, and recently ordained clergy for worship and ministry. It is my prayer that this brief book will provide the necessary “big picture” that we all need to make sense of this form of worship, we call Liturgy. These resources may be particularly useful for First Communion, Confirmation and Licensed Lay Ministry training. I have also been mindful of the “outsider” like myself, who came from a non-liturgical tradition and would have appreciated a primer to help me on my way as I fell in love with the Liturgy, even though much of it was an enigma.

The Meaning and Symbols of Holy Eucharist is available on CreateSpace and Amazon in paperback for $9.67 and in Kindle for $2.99. Bulk copies are available with special pricing directly through Saint Austin's Press by contacting us via the "Contact Us" form in the right margin.  Please note the quantity desired and shipping zip code and we will reply to you with a precise cost.

Dimensions: 5.5x8.5 paperback with 192 pages (white paper 60#/24lb bond).

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