Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Book of Common Prayer for Everyday Use

The Book of Common Prayer for Everyday Use is an edited adaptation of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer used in many Anglican and Episcopalian churches in the United States. This edition includes only those Rites most commonly used by the average parishioner. The goal of which is to to provide an inexpensive large print Book of Common Prayer (BCP) that can be used for personal prayer, home groups, camps, youth groups, travel, nursing homes and pastoral visitations. As an aid to nursing home use and pastoral visitations (and foir those of us who can't always find their reading glasses), it is offered in a type considerably larger than what is found in the 1,000 page editions of the BCP.

In order to achieve these goals, The Book of Common Prayer for Everyday Use only includes the Daily Office, Holy Eucharist (Contemporary), Communion Under Special Circumstances, Collects, Prayers for the Sick, The Reconciliation of a Penitent (Form One), Psalter and Lectionary (1979). In edition to the Collects, a short section of devotional prayers have been added as an aid to preparation for Holy Eucharist.

The Tradtional Eucharistic Prayers (Rite One), Seasonal Services, Eucharistic Prayer C, the Pastoral Services: Baptism, Confirmation, Matrimony, Burial, Ordination, and the Revised Common Lectionary, are omitted from this edition.

With the goal of using this edition of the Book of Common Prayer in settings outside of the church, Eucharistic Prayer A has been included in a complete format with Prayers of the People, Form III, and the Ordinary Time Prefaces, absolution and concluding blessings embedded in the Liturgy. This makes it simple for the Celebrant to offer the Eucharist with minimal page turns and reduces confusion in settings where there may be visitors or others unfamiliar with the Liturgy.

The Book of Common Prayer for Everyday Use is available in bulk pricing, or per copy for individuals. Single copy price (without shipping) is $15.50 USD. Please fill out the "Contact Us" form for price, ordering and shipping information.

Dimensions: 6x9 paperback with 506 pages, in either thin edition (.81") with white paper (40#/13lb bond), or thick edition (1.23") with cream paper (60#/24lb bond).

The thick edition is available via CreateSpace here and at Amazon here. (The thin edition is only available directly from Saint Austin's Press.)

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